Import a static web project from Eclipse into Netbeans by @MatthiasReining

Import a static web project from Eclipse into Netbeans

In have to work in an Eclipse based project environment. But for many tasks I prefer to work with Netbeans. To work with Netbeans for Eclipse projects is normally very easy. You can use in Netbeans following commands:

File -> Import Project -> Import Eclipse Project -> Select the workspace -> choose the project you want to work with -> done.

The project structure is not changed, what allows you to switch comfortable between both IDEs.

Unfortunately, I was not able to import a static web project into Netbeans :-(
Here you can find my workaround to let it work...

Instead of import the project I directly open the project in Netbeans (File -> Open Project).

To let these work following files have to be manually added:


Content of project.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="">
        <data xmlns="">

Content of


You have to replace *eclipseProjectName* with your project name!

After these it should be possible to open directly a eclipse based static web project into Netbeans!