let's run javax.cache with Infinispan

Caching as a Standard - Using JSR 107 on an Application Server

I like to use a cache in one of my Java EE app! Caching... sounds like a standard task.

Therefore, I just had a look to the Java EE specification. Nothing :-(

Ok. After a short while (and some google results), I have remebered: caching was already a topic for Java EE 7. But in the last second it was not excluded - there was no time for it.

But, what's the current sitatuion?

That's great!

Infinispan has also some examples how to use the cache:

First the mvn dependency:


But you need a little bit more. The pure API with the interfaces for javax.cache. For this you have to add also the JCache API to your maven pom.xml.


Now you can go ahead with all the examples and use this fantastic caching API like described here: http://infinispan.org/docs/8.0.x/user_guide/user_guide.html#_create_a_local_cache.

If Java EE 8 will become reality on your app server, it should be possible to remove these dependencies from your maven pom.xml. Than the implementation is out-of-the box available and shipped with your favourite application server.